The one and only INSTAX Pal, that's me - a super small digital camera eager to capture your spontaneous photos. You could say I make small moments feel mighty big.

(PNG) INSTAX Pal – Staple shots – Front on – green

Pistachio Green

(PNG) INSTAX Pal – Staple shots – Front on – white

Milky White

(PNG) INSTAX Pal – Staple shots – Front on – blue

Lavender Blue

(PNG) INSTAX Pal – Staple shots – Front on – pink

Powder Pink

(PNG) INSTAX Pal – Staple shots – Front on – black

Gem Black


Making small moments feel big



Keeping it real
Together we can make and create beautiful digital INSTAX images.Or you can pair me up with an INSTAX Link series smartphone printer* (sold separately) to print your best moments onto INSTAX mini, SQUARE or WIDE film. Simply connect via Bluetooth to my free app.
*compatible with the following smartphone printers: INSTAX mini Link 2, INSTAX SQUARE Link, INSTAX Link WIDE


Pocket friendly design
Let’s start by mentioning I come in five exciting colours - Gem Black, Milky White, Powder Pink, Pistachio Green, and Lavender Blue. Then let's drop in that I have a handy microSD card slot and even a tripod mount on my base. My coolest gadget? It’s got to be the multi-use detachable ring.
For a better hold
Slide the multi-use detachable ring onto a finger and I won't be going anywhere. Not without you anyway!
For remote shooting
I may be small, but stand me on the multi-use detachable ring, and you'll unleash my ultimate tilt, perfect for self-timer shots.
For a better view
Attach the multi-use detachable ring to the top of me and low and behold, you've got yourself a viewfinder.


More, more, more
Never one to shy away from the bigger picture, I have a built-in wide-angle lens, so you can capture more of what you love. More landscape. More friends. More fun. I even let you capture mini, SQUARE or WIDE sized digital INSTAX images - I'm all about equal opportunities!


I'm ready and waiting to be packed full of YOUR personality. You can record pre-shutter sounds in groups of five via my app, and I'll remember a set of five ready to play at random whenever you hit the shutter button. Think, "Spin around! Dance. Smile. High fives!" Your phrase is my command!


The big reveal
Keen to see how your digital INSTAX images came out? I know I am! Transfer your images (I've got space for 50 at a time) to your smartphone using Bluetooth, then head to the in-built camera roll within my app to find out. Once they've arrived, you get to do your thing - add filters, text and stickers, and even choose the size - mini, SQUARE or WIDE.


Change up your look!
The last time I counted, I had 18 photo-tastic filters to make sure you get the look you want. Each one can be selected in Remote Shooting, Interval Shooting or via the in-app photo editing area. And if a filter is set in Remote Shooting, I'll remember it for standard shooting too. Thank me later...


Stand back...
Tap into the power of my INSTAX Pal Smartphone app with Remote Shooting feature. Get a live view of the upcoming shot, customise your image with filters, set a self-timer, and even turn the flash on or off with the app. Go on, strike a pose.


Never miss a beat
Want to know my super power? Interval Shooting. I can snap fast-paced digital INSTAX images in sequences of 3, 6, 11 or 21 using my app, so you can take more 'in the moment' shots without missing any of the oohs or the ahhs.


Animate your photos
A 'Gift Inbox' of animations - I can't wait for you to discover this delight. I automatically share your images with my app, which then turns your recent adventures into an animation. (Or create your own from the in-app gallery - you're welcome!) Perfect for viewing in-app, or print a scannable QR code that reveals your animation, digitally. Allowing you to share your creation online.



Just when you thought instax couldn't get any more captivating, we give you the power of the INSTAXUP! app. A shiny new way to keep all your instax photos digitally in one place. Simply scan your physical prints with your phone to turn them into sharable, digital snaps that you can fine-tune, tag and save.


Simulated images used. Prints eject from INSTAX cameras/printers with the reverse side facing forward.


ExposureAperture: F2.2
Shutter speed: 1/4 second to 1/8000 second (automatic switching)
Shooting sensitivity: ISO100 to 1600 (automatic switching)
Exposure control: Program AE
Exposure compensation: -2.0 EV to +2.0 EV (1/3 EV step)
Metering: 256-segment through the lens (TTL) metering, multi metering
White balance: Auto
Printing SpecsCompatible devices (sold separately) for "Direct Print" via Bluetooth: INSTAX mini Link, INSTAX mini Link 2, INSTAX SQUARE Link, INSTAX Link WIDE
Compatible devices (sold separately) for printing via smartphone app: INSTAX mini Link, INSTAX mini Link 2, INSTAX SQUARE Link, INSTAX Link WIDE, INSTAX mini Evo, INSTAX mini LiPlay
Image transfer time: mini - approx. 10sec/shot, SQUARE - approx. 15sec/shot, WIDE - approx. 20sec/shot
StorageStorage media: Internal memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card (sold separately)
Storage capacity: Approximately 50 images in internal memory, approximately 850 images per 1 GB in microSD/microSDHC memory card (sold separately)
File system: DCF compliant Exif Ver 2.3
Battery SpecsBattery: Lithium ion battery (internal type: not removable)
External interface: USB Type-C (for charging only)
Charging time: Approximately 2 to 3 hours * Charging time depends on the temperature
SensorImage sensor: 1/5-inch CMOS with primary colour filter
Number of recorded pixels: 2560 × 1920
Dimensions42.3mm × 44.4mm × 43.0mm (excluding projecting parts)
Approximately 41g in weight
LensFocal length: f = 16.25 mm (35-mm film equivalent)
Shooting distance: 19.4 cm and beyond
FlashAuto flash/Forced flash/Suppressed flash
Effective range: Approx. 60 cm to 1.5 m
Self-timerApproximately 10 seconds/Approximately 2 seconds