Memories with the Instax Link WIDE printer

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17 November 2021
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Memories with the Instax Link WIDE printer

By Anton Bosman, Fujifilm X-Photographer

Sunday afternoons, the year must have been around 1978.

We just had a big Christmas lunch, all the cousins, aunties and uncles present. The time has come for the afternoon's entertainment, and, oh man, did us kids get excited. There are several photo albums lying on the table. I can still sense the excitement it brought. To know that within a few minutes we will be taken back in history, a trip down memory lane. The excitement of seeing our parents on their wedding day, laughing at the fashions and hairstyles. Laughing at ourselves, realising that we have grown a bit since the picture was taken. This, of course, accompanied with the usual embarrassment from the “you were so cute,” “look at that smile,” “look at those naughty eyes and mischievous grin” comments.

Those days, those moments and afternoons looking at photographs, that we could hold in our hands, something so tangible. Those moments brought such an uplifting feeling from the nostalgia of reliving the past, that we would talk about it for hours afterwards. To me, the images brought a realness, they would make me appreciate where I am, what my parents have done for me. Reliving the holidays and looking at pictures of us sitting on a roadside lunch table, eating boiled eggs and pre-packed sandwiches. The commitment, loyalty and love your parents showed by taking you somewhere special for the holidays. Moments forever captured in a visual media that we knew as photographs.

I can go on forever about the nostalgia and the warm fuzzy feeling it brings, but I don’t want to bore you all.

It has become even more evident in this electronic era that imaging is incredibly powerful.

No company understands this better than Fujifilm, and no other company has been more loyal to their end-user than Fujifilm. They are, after all, an imaging company, and they are not just any imaging company. From the very beginning when they brought the world their signature film, to this digital era where they are still so committed to tangible memories, Fujifilm has remained nothing but loyal to the power of making memories. As many know by now, they have a vast range of Instax products. A division of Fujifilm that brings us ‘instant ' cameras and printers that put a tangible picture right there in your hands. We are so used to looking at pictures on our smartphones that we have forgotten what an exciting feeling we get from holding an actual photograph.

I was sent the new Instax Link WIDE printer to play with, and was super excited about this, as most of my work gets photographed in a wide format for large scale prints. Being fortunate enough to own the Fujifilm SP-3 printer (which prints Square film) I simply could not wait to play with the wider film and printer. The printer arrived and the box was notably small. Unpacking the printer I was rather surprised at its compact size. This, of course, means it's the kind of printer one could carry around to functions, family gatherings etc., without having to cart around a backpack to be able to do so.

I charged the printer, loaded it with a pack of film and downloaded the Link WIDE app. Turned the printer on and got an immediate quick connection with my phone. I selected an image and hit the “print” icon. Moments later the film gently slid out the top. After a few minutes I had the pleasure of sitting with a printed photograph in my hand. What an amazing feeling seeing a wider print of one of my cityscapes. The Instax Link WIDE printer is truly a thing of beauty. From its modern shaped case and foot stand, right through to all the technology it packs in conjunction with the app.

The Link WIDE can even print from your videos, just select the perfect moment in video and print. You can add QR codes linked to a website, a sound recording, location and even a hidden message. There are collage prints, colour modes, sketches and even stickers you can pop on your photos.

The Link Wide printer will transform you right back to the moments you always speak so fondly of. Just imagine looking at your Instax picture two years down the line, scan the QR code and you can listen to a voice note from a loved one.

For me it's the feeling of taking me back to a family time where we all looked at photos, laughed and made jokes. My daughter has her entire door covered with Instax prints; our fridge is covered with pictures of us as a family, us with friends and also our beloved dogs.

Seeing the excitement on your family’s faces when they hold an actual photo of themselves in their hand is priceless. There has never been a better time to invest in a fun family product like an Instax printer. I for one will definitely be looking at the Instax Link WIDE printer once the moment presents itself.

Check out Anton’s work on Instagram @antbosman and Facebook @landscapeguyanton

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