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7 April 2021
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24 June 2021

Travel Advice

Traveling with your INSTAX film, camera or Smartphone printer


New and enhanced scanning technology at airports could be more damaging to instant film than previous generations of scanners. Undesirable effects of new airport scanners on images produced by instant film that has undergone such scanning can include “fogging,” distortion in shadow areas, and generally poor image reproduction after just one pass through these new scanners.

To protect your valuable INSTAX film (and to ensure great INSTAX photographs), Fujifilm encourages you to:

  • Never pack INSTAX instant film or your INSTAX camera or Smartphone printer containing a loaded instant film cartridge in your checked baggage (empty INSTAX cameras/Smartphone printers can be checked with no negative effect).
  • Instead, carry your INSTAX film or loaded INSTAX camera/Smartphone printer in your carry- on baggage and always ask for hand inspection.
  • If carrying a large amount of instant film, contact the airline prior to your flight to arrange for a special baggage inspection.
  • Consider sending your INSTAX instant film to your destination using a parcel or cargo carrier that will certify that the film won't be x-rayed. INSTAX instant film is widely available, so purchasing instant film when you arrive at your destination is likely another option.


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