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8 July 2020
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16 September 2020

‘Without My Mask’

Fujifilm helping Doctors show Smiles


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the extent to which frontline health workers put their own safety on the line to care for patients. During this difficult time, patients cannot see what their doctors and nurses actually look like, due to all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they are wearing.

Fujifilm South Africa is looking to change this with the ‘Without My Mask’ initiative. Equipped with a Fujifilm mirrorless camera and Instax Mini Link portable printer, the company has visited hospitals to take photos of doctors and nurses, which they can use as identification outside of their PPE. This is done in remembrance of former president Nelson Mandela and the day created in his honour - Mandela Day, with Fujifilm South Africa contributing 67 minutes to give back to the community.

Amongst the facilities to benefit from the initiative are Care@Midstream in Centurion and Medicross The Berg in Roodepoort, Gauteng. When Fujifilm visited on 29 July 2020, the team immediately went to work photographing all doctors, nurses as well as receptionists. Their photographs were printed using the innovative Instax Mini Link portable printer, which prints out photos within 90 seconds. These photos were slotted into identification badges for all staff to clip onto the outside of their PPE.

Through these photos, patients were immediately able to see their healthcare worker’s friendly smile, turning doctors and nurses from a depersonalised protective suit back into a caring person. This affected not only the spirits of patients, but also made a noticeable difference in the efforts of the healthcare workers, knowing their patients could now see the person behind the mask.

“Being able to share a caring smile is of immense value in any profession, and especially so for our frontline doctors and nurses,” says Deon Brits, General Manager of the Photo Imaging Division at Fujifilm South Africa. “With these instant photos we hope to have made a small difference in their ongoing fight against the virus.”

Fujifilm South Africa will continue to strive to solve societal challenges through innovative products and solutions. In order to learn more about Fujifilm Instax or the Without My Mask initiative, please email Fujifilm South Africa Sales Consultant, Belinda Macpherson (belinda.macpherson@fujifilm.com).


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