You’re making memories but do you remember them?

Review: Instax Square SQ6
16 October 2018
SQ6 podcast
15 November 2018


If you’re like me, you take between 10-20 pics a day unless its a special occasion, then that number can easily go up to 100 by midday. We are greedy when it comes to photographs because of the digital age that we live in. Our phones are almost always within arms reach so it’s very easy to snap away and not think twice if someones eyes are closed or there’s clothes on the floor in the background. We (yes, I’m pretending to be younger than I am) are a selfie generation where it is not uncommon to scroll through your camera roll and see fifty pictures of your face that look virtually the same. However, how often do you actually go back and look through those pictures? There is a reason why my phone is always saying that there’s no memory, it’s because I’m trigger happy and I almost never go back and delete the pics I don’t need.


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